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Compliments to Gallery Developers Team

(Topic created: 09-01-2022 10:28 AM)
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Dear Gallery App Developers,

Developing and including the remaster tool with the Gallery app was genius!!! Please continue to develop and improve this tool! AI photo enhancement technology is an incredible development for genealogist and historians. It helps us see and share the past much more clearly. Thank you, Samsung!!! Love it, love it, love it! And, as usual with the gallery app, I'm always discovering new and wondeful new functions! Its option to group photo albums is perfect!! Kudos to all!!
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Samsung Apps and Services
One thing that I would want to change is to set the text color to match the subject's theme color by default to blend things in. For example, when Shannon's hair is blonde, so is the default text color. If it's the river being the main subject, the text color would be more of a bluish tone, and so on.
(If Samsung opens a Beta Program for the Gallery app, I would be more grateful to join in!)Screenshot_20220908_004802_Photo Editor.png