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Contacts Scan Biz Card Gone?

(Topic created: 05-26-2021 08:49 AM)
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I have been using Galaxy phones for the past decade now. From the S8 to the Note 10, the S20 & now the S21+.

The S8 & Note 10 both had the option to Add a Contact via scanning a business card. Haven't needed it in a while but today I hired a lawyer & he gave me his business card before he left.

I just scoured Contacts & Bixby but it's nowhere to be found. Closest thing I got was using Bixby to copy the text but now I'll have to paste the entire card to a new contacts noted field to than copy & paste to the appropriate fields.

I guess importing a business card to contacts is now a tedious process.
Which really sucks because it was a breeze to do on all my previous devices.

Why did this happen?
Can we bring it back?
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