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Cronometer integration for SHealth and Wearables.

(Topic created on: 2/7/21 8:23 PM)
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The last thread on this topic is marked as solved while it definitely is not. Samsung Health needs a working 2-way connection with Cronometer. 

For my personal needs, I need my detailed Cronometer nutrition, blood glucose, and blood ketones to push from Cronometer to Samsung Health. I understand the SHealth macro tracking is lackluster and doesn't manage net carbs well, but I would even settle for total caloric intake for now. Cronometer offers a much more accurate BMR as well. 

I'd like to be able to pull exercise/workouts, water intake, sleep, and weight from SHealth to Cronometer as well. For now, that is actually working for me - initiated through the Cronometer app.

This is very important to my lifestyle and habits. Without this integration working, my Watch 3 and Galaxy Note 10+ are not doing all they can for my health tracking.
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