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Currupted Samsung Note File

(Topic created: 07-25-2021 12:25 AM)
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Everything was completely fine until I had went into Samsung notes. All of a sudden my most used file was suddenly currupted. When I clicked onto it, all it kept saying was, "Can't open note. File Currupted." I don't use the file much but it was really important to me and I was wondering if it was gone forever or if there's a way to recover the file. I'm not sure if the samsung cloud was connected to samsung notes but I do know the cloud was synced to it. I'm not sure what to do. 

There's not a lot of information there either. I spammed a whole huge bulk of messages onto a new file to see if it'll be corrupted (more than my important file) and it never got currupted. So why did this one get currupted and I didn't add much stuff to it?

Please help me. Thank you in advanced if you find out why.

—I use a Samsung Note 9

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It could be due to the update to new Notes file format. Go to My Samsung My Files and Internal Storage. Change toggle from 'Essential' to 'All'. Perform a search or scroll down to find the file that you are trying to open. It will be a .txt file.

Once you locate file, long press file name and select Open With. Try opening file with other programs capable of viewing .txt files like Docs or Word.