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Customer service **bleep**

(Topic created: 10-08-2021 09:29 AM)
Cosmic Ray
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So I have been a loyal Samsung customer for many, many years. Recently the customer service has been on the real low end for help. I had pre-ordered a Galaxy Watch 4. I called multiple times and they told me that the watch was in stock but band wasn't (got email saying the were going to send me black one while waiting on green one) but never got my item. I have had multiple conversations with people saying that it will be shipped within a week (like three people) but never got tracking information. Then yesterday I get an email saying that my preorder was canceled. Supervisor told me that it was because it was nearing the 60 days (mind you the still had watch in stock but not my green band) and that I needed to do another order. I used the link provided hoping that I would still get everything that I wanted that was part of the preorder without paying for it. Guess what?? Definitely didn't happen. Now today I'm getting the run around (along with yesterday) about this BS. I'm getting real sick and tired of how they are now treating customers. After this, I don't think I'm going to be a Samsung customer anymore because they now don't want to help me out with new order to be like the preorder that they canceled on me even though they had the watch still in stock.

Sorry for the rant
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AGREED! I have been through nothing short of a nightmare. Now they have taken my broken device and won't give me a refund or replacement for another month! They have come horrible!