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Deeper Bixby integration request

(Topic created: 05-13-2024 04:06 PM)
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While there are things out there like Tasker, Action Blocks, and Bixby; it would be nice if there was more they could do. Tasker provides deeper and more advanced functionality, but really is lacking in the integration piece. Shortcuts on iOS provide a much better experience and capability compared to Android options. 

Some examples: 

Example 1:
On iOS, I have a shortcut that runs whenever I leave or arrive at a few locations. It calls an API and writes a file so I can track travel time and when I am at different locations. Tasker can accomplish this, but it's geofencing leaves a lot to be desired. Bixby geofencing triggers perfectly, but no built in way to accomplish the same thing. Digging into writing custom capsule as an option. 

Example 2:
Another automation I have using iOS shortcuts is run manually. Running it will look at any meetings within a plus or minus 10 minute windows and allow me to choose one. It will then grab information from the meeting like title, time, participants, notes, etc... it will then prompt for the type of meeting and then create a new apple note based on different templates based on the meeting type while filling in details from the calendar invite for taking notes during the meeting.

It would be nice to see this level of capability in Bixby. 
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