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Default calendar in the Calendar App

(Topic created: 08-31-2021 07:08 AM)
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I am starting to use the Calendar app.  I was using Microsoft Outlook's Calendar, but I'm dropping using Outlook on the phone because they haven't been able to send email FROM my email provider (Adelphia/Time Warner/Spectrum) for 6 months to a year and despite reporting the problem multiple times, it still doesn't work.

So, I LIKE the Samsung Mail and Calendar apps, maybe even better than the Outlook apps, so far.  But one thing could improve or I'm missing a feature.  I have 14 calendars for various reasons.  Each time I go to create an event, it looks like it defaults to the first calendar in alphabetical order.  I would like to specify the "Your Family" calendar that comes from my Microsoft account as a "default" calendar.  (Really glad to see that it is SUPPORTED because when they first started it, it wasn't supported in all their clients)

Did I miss an option setting somewhere?

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