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Delivery of UN65NU8500 SAMSUNG 65" CURVED 4K HDR UHD with Broken Screen.

Saturday, July 20, 2019:Purchase- purchased a UN65NU8500 SAMSUNG 65" CURVED 4K HDR UHD from the Best Buy Store in Springfield, VA 6555 Frontier Dr, Springfield, VA 22150).


Friday, August 2, 2019: TV Delivery– TV was delivered at approximately 4:09pm.  Delivery guy was in a rush and the TV snapped out of the plastic cord and hit the ground when he was taking it out of the truck.  I immediately told him to “watch it, be careful!”


Sunday, August 4, 2019: TV Set up- had to wait to set up the TV two days later because I needed someone to help me.  Already have a 65’ Samsung Curved TV; therefore, familiar with the delicate, cautious process one must take to properly set it up. Took a good while mounting it on the TV stand I bought from Best Buy.  I have the same TV stand for my other 65’ Samsung Curved TV.  Nevertheless, when I finally set up the new TV and hooked it up to my cable, I noticed the TV was flickering.  I then decided to take off the two “holding covers” on the side.  Here I noticed it was broke (inside lines not on the outside).


Immediately called the Best Buy in Springfield. Spoke with GM “Sultan.” He said he’ll talk with the deliver company since it was “third party delivery” and get back to me on Thursday.  Sultan explained to me that Best Buy is not responsible for any damages due to the fact that they check it at least three times before it leaves the Warehouse.  Therein, it is up to the "third party delivery" company to make the final decision.


Night of Sunday, August 4, 2019:  Called the Best Buy toll free number (1888BESTBUY). Spoke with “Hope” and she documented our conversation.  Basically, it is really up to the store manager.  Since an escalation party delivered it to me (third party), BEST BUY contacts the delivery company to see what occurred – exactly what “Sultan” said.  But she recommended I go to the store with photos of the damaged product.  Additionally, to bring in the TV is highly recommended.  The latter is not possible because I don’t have a truck.  Regardless, the point is that I have a period of 15 days from the delivery date to get this rectified.  But I add that the salesclerk who sold me the TV and Sound system, “Chance,” was very professional and helpful.


As it stands right now, I am awaiting the final word from the manager “Sultan.” Nonetheless, I wish to document for others, and any helpful tips BEST Buy may add.  In the meantime, I’ll let the process due its course. 


Finally, I’ve been a frequent customer at Best Buy and I am an advid consumer and supporter of Samsung products.  But this is a very frustrating situation.  I hope either Best Buy or Samsung can help me rectify this problem.  Thank you!

Invoice: BH8GYY-0