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Dex Rotate camera in Zoom via ONE UI video option

(Topic created: 11-12-2022 01:36 PM)
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To Samsung: Please add in an option for users to manually rotate the camera feed in other apps such as Zoom via One UI video option, especially while using Dex on an external display. Currently, the One UI video option is not even available on external display Dex.

While the camera feed on Zoom in Dex mode has the correct landscape orientation by default, if I put Dex on an external display, the default camera in Zoom is in portrait mode. I understand that one can argue that this is Zoom bug, an easy and much better solution is via the video option in One UI. This will allow users to freely choose the correct orientation depending on the specific context and use case. Furthermore, the video option is not available for Dex on external displays. This kind of arbitrary bug/feature is really annoying, considering how popular zoom and other conference call apps are. Please fix this, it should be so simple because the video option already has all these fancy tools for virtual backgrounds and auto framing, rotating the image is really a trivial post processing compared to the others.

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