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Disconnected from Samsung account after deleting the Gmail account it was connected to

(Topic created: 08-21-2021 11:21 PM)
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I will try to kepp it simple.

Cleaning up my insane amount of Google Samsung microsoft accounts I made a mess and need desparete help.
According to Samsung and microsoft. I logged off from my samsung on Aug 14th and did not sign back in till the 19th. That is impossible. Where the heck did I go for 5 days???
After 6 tech support calls and tracking my password history for days led me here. I had my main Hotmail and google accounts connected via recovery addresses. The Google account Is and has been my Samsung account email forever (play store library etc) For personal reasons I decided to migrate my life to Microsoft from Google, downloading all my data and deleting the unused and unwanted email addresses. Everything was fine until I was locked out of my Samsung account. 
At one point I disconnected my Hotmail recovery from my Google and vice versa but
After a few days I noticed....... Things. 
My samsung profile Pic was gone, my Samsung pass was no longer autofilling some accounts and when I tried to go into my privacy settings it sent me to an html error 400 no matter which browser I used.. It gets better.... Then my windows phone app connecting my phone to laptop stopped working BUT I have es file explorer running logs and the **bleep** app is sending the log to?? ... I thought Microsoft, finally during the find my phone process samsung found my phone but could not unlock it because the option was turned off!! It was in my **bleep** hand and I was using it!! But the cherry on top was an email from T-Mobile telling me that my data was compromised.
Ideas? Thoughts? Hacked? No money gone. 
My theory is this 
When I changed my Hotmail primary alias to outlook and disconnected it from my main Google account I unknowingly disconnected my samsung. HOW? because I'm thinking I actually created by my Samsung account with Hotmail and not the Gmail I thought it was all this time. This "aliases" thing is confusing. Any ways my next step is to have 1 Microsoft 1 Samsung and 1 Google account and this is my last attempt to possibly retrieve data off the now missing Samsung account
Thanks for reading this till the end 
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