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Dual Bluetooth audio

(Topic created: 10-19-2021 12:58 PM)
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I am aware of this feature for sometime now and had only used it once on a flight. I made my two kids listen via their Bluetooth headphones :headphone: while watching cartoons on my then note device. But this past weekend I was reminded how awesome of a feature it is.

Still in the honeymoon phase of my new zfold3 I am constantly trying new things / settings and this weekend I decided it would be all about the music so I got a bottle wine :wine_glass: and have at it.
Most of the speakers in my home are Bluetooth capable which includes my shower head and hallway lights which has built in Bluetooth speakers. My kids room speakers are some very smooth sounding bose speakers so I took them both to my backyard, paired them, logged in to Spotify and by night fall I have traveled from the 80's straight up to today. It was an even to remember, the best part the kids joined me.

I know what I want for Christmas.... " Outdoor Bluetooth speakers " for both the front and the back of the yard... hint hint 


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