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Furious, Sad, and Frustrated That I Lost ALL Synced AND Unsynced Samsung Notes

(Topic created: 10-21-2021 02:06 PM)
Samsung Apps and Services

Started with a sync issue where Samsung Notes on my Samsung phone wouldn't sync with the cloud. Culminated in losing ALL synced and unsynced notes in my Samsung Cloud and devices.

Started by trying to fix sync issue on my phone to no success:

  1. Sync from Samsung Notes
  2. Sync from Samsung Cloud
  3. Turn sync off, then back on
  4. Restart phone, repeat steps (1-3)
  5. Check for Samsung Note app updates (all were updated)
  6. Change phone setting to not Automatic Date/Time, change it back, repeat steps (1-4)
  7. Use mobile data instead of wifi connection, repeat steps (1-4)
  8. Go to Apps, Samsung Cloud, Storage, Clear Data, repeat steps (1-4)
  9. Go to Apps, Samsung Cloud, Storage, Clear Data / Samsung Notes, Storage, Clear Cache, repeat steps (1-4)
  10. Back up Samsung Cloud (does NOT sync Samsung Notes)
  11. Samsung Notes, Sync to OneNote

Deleted all my notes on my tablet and discarded them from Trash so I could have a clean slate for the synced notes from my phone. Synced to OneNote. 

IT INSTANTLY REMOVED ALL OF THE NOTES I HAD ON SAMSUNG CLOUD and my phone and tablet. Years of important, carefully curated and catalogued notes gone forever. Can't recover using Samsung  Cloud, and can't recover from OneNote sync.


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