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Galaxy Fit2 and Samsung Health App lost connection

(Topic created on: 4/5/21 5:16 PM)
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I just got a Samsung Galaxy Fit2 on Friday. 
After setting it up with my phone, it has worked well, and I was loving it! Eager to get more data stored in my health app so I can get a better picture of my over all health habits... like o2 levels, step counting and sleep for example. 
Last night I took it off to re-charge it, and when I put it back on, it seems to have lost contact with my Samsung health app. 
It is still connected to my phone, it alerts me of messages and phone calls, etc... but my Health App doesnt see my sleep pattern last night, nor my steps today... like it did before I recharged the watch. 
I have have been all over these 2 devices trying to find the issue, but I cannot. 

What am I missing? How do I sync these apps up again? 

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They "accidentally" reconnected by the next morning, and have worked well together ever since... until 3 days ago.
My Samsung Health app does not see my Galaxy Fit 2 anymore. It stopped working suddenly around 8pm on Saturday night, May 1.
I have tried waiting for it to just update like it did last time, but its been 3 days now!
So I tried syncing my account, and that still doesnt find my G-fit2.
My heath app still finds my Renpho scales, so my weight is still tracking, and my phone can locate my Band, and my band can locate my phone. But the health app does not see my band info.

I tried a scan for nearby devices and it tells me none are found. I searched all available devices specifically for Galaxy Fit2, and it says none are available.
But when I search for Galaxy Fit, it gives me a list of other devices, but not the fit2.

Is my 1 month old Galaxy Fit2 outdated now? Is there no way to track my info on here anymore?