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Galaxy S10 Screen Recording App After Android 11 Update

(Topic created on: 2/24/21 7:48 AM)
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I updated my S10 2 days ago, and my screen recording app is no longer working properly. I use this app every day to record my favorite show and I'm absolutely frustrated.

Description of the problem: After I hit the STOP button to stop recording, the app takes few minutes to actually stop the process. This is a problem because sometimes I need to record things back to back! If the recording time goes over certain minutes, the device gives me an error message saying that the app stopped working. When I go to the gallery to check, now I have a useless, corrupted file.

Samsung, please do something about this!!! Android 10 was perfect and now I absolutely regret the update:pouting_face::pouting_face::pouting_face::pouting_face::pouting_face::pouting_face:      

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