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Galaxy S21 FE 5G Smart Switch did not transfer files, tech support did not resolve

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TL;DR at the end

As I have said numerous times recently, as of right now, it is unlikely that I will buy another Samsung phone (if any Samsung product) and might very well change the service provider, too.

Here's the deal. Earlier this month, I shelled out a considerable amount of money to buy a new Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G, which does not have an SD card. This is important later. I bought the Galaxy S21 FE 5G to replace my Galaxy J7, which does have an SD card.

The Smart Switch app, to transfer files from one phone to another, did not work well: The app did not transfer any files from the SD card. For me, this was especially bad because I had filed everything possible on the SD card in order to keep "Internal storage" available. Regardless, the old phone started to display the alert that it was dangerously low on memory, "Internal storage."

As I became more familiar with the S21 FE 5G, it became painfully evident that I made a mistake when I bought this substandard item.

Through Samsung Members > Support > Send feedback > Error reports > Settings/System, I submitted an error report.

Here it is, as I composed it off-line and copied and pasted it into the form for feedback.

 Yes, in My Files settings, I have enabled, "Show hidden system files," but I can't tell any difference.
Frequency Often

"Extensive structure of folders and files destroyed or concealed


"former phone: Galaxy J7, mdl nbr SM-J727U, Android 8.1.0, Samsung Experience 9.5

"new phone: Galaxy S21 FE 5G, mdl nbr SM-G990U1/DS, One UI 4.1, Android 12

"¿How can I use the My Files app similarly to the way I can use Windows Exploring on my Windows 11 workstation?

"I had an extensive structure of personal folders and files on the J7. The first attachment depicts a portion of the programmatic folder and file structure used by the US Topo Maps Pro app. The attachment depicts the view through Windows Exploring from my Windows 11 workstation through a USB cable into the S21 FE 5G.
"Used Smart Switch to set up the S21 FE 5G. When done, most of the folders and files on the J7 did not appear on and I could not find them on the S21 FE 5G. See the second attachment.
"Navigation through the My Files app is generally miserable to impossible. Through My Files into only one or two folders am I able to add a subfolder.

"I certainly am not going to replicate by-hand on the S21 FE 5G the preferred and missing structure on the J7.

"It's taken me four days to cool down enough and to collect my thoughts to submit this error report. It seems that Samsung is using its paying customers to field test its products at their expense. Different hardware and software from a different vendor might have to be part of the fix.

"[Sent system log data]"
Via Samsung Members > Support > Send feedback > Error reports > Check feedback you've sent, I received the following in response.

 Feedback will be automatically deleted after a year.

"Thank you for using Samsung Members App.
"We are sorry to hear what happened.

"Please call our Samsung Technical Support Team at 1-800-726-7864 open 7 days a week for further assistance regarding this matter.

"We appreciate your business."

So, I called the Samsung Technical Support Team at 1-800-726-7864. Here are my notes from that call.


Samsung Technical Support Team at 1-800-726-7864 x [name of customer service rep] (fem) with significant accent; told her that I hear lots of background noise

She could not find any reference to my error report. I asked her whether this call was being recorded. I think she said, "Yes." I read her the error report that I had submitted. She looked for something . . ..

She wanted to log into my new cel tel, and she asked me to send her the error report via text message. She sent me a text message to initiate contact, and we arranged to give me some time to put my response together and to send my text message. After she receives it, she is to call me at [+1-nnn-nnn-nnn] (home "land line").
I put the contents of the error report into a text message and sent it to her, and asked her to respond with a text message to schedule the service call.

After two days, I had not received a response, so I followed up with a text message. Here's the content of that text message.


[name of customer service rep] -

It has been almost two days since my first text message, and I do not see one of the attachments so I have attached it again.
I want to resolve this problem soonest. If you need to remotely connect to my cel tel, that is OK.

Pls send a text so we can schedule the call.


[my name]
Again, I figuratively heard the sound of crickets chirping.

TL;DR: The transfer of content from Galaxy J7 to brand-new Galaxy S21 FE 5G was epically incomplete, and the S21 FE 5G OS will not replicate the needed structure of folders and files. This caused at lease one favorite app to malfunction, and Technical Support Team failed to support.

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