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Galaxy S21 Ultra, Earbuds pro, Smart tag

(Topic created: 06-02-2021 09:05 AM)
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Bought S21 Ultra 5g, Earbuds pro, case cover and Smart tag from Samsung website on 1/15/2021.  I've had nothing but problems with this purchase.

Buds pro quit working and and would not sync. contacted customer support. sent them back only received $29 credit.

S21 Ultra 5g will not turn on. Tried all their suggestion to restart unsuccessfully. Support told me to take it to a repair center called UBREAKIFIX. Ridiculous. They cant even set up a ligit Samsung store. How pathetic.

Smart Tag was never delivered. Called customer support and I was told there was nothing they could do about it.

I've owned Galaxy S6, S9  and now a S21 Ultra 5g. No Memory expansion slot. Now it wont even start. I'm extremely disappointed with this overpriced piece of garbage. My wife purchased an Apple 12 pro. I should have done the same. Save your money and and buy a different phone.


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