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Galaxy Store for phone or tablet

Why can't I find Galaxy Store on my device?

Galaxy Store is only available on Samsung devices. If you're using a Samsung phone or tablet, it is usually located in the Samsung folder in the Apps screen. On a Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Store is preinstalled and will be with your other apps bwhelmet

What apps are compatible with my device?

Galaxy Store will only display apps that are compatible with your device.

What is a push notification?

A push notification is used to give your device updates to Samsung services, useful tips, and promotional events.

Can I disable push notifications?

If you do not want to receive push notifications from Galaxy Store, open the app and then tap More Options. Tap Settings, and then tap Notifications. Next, tap the slider to turn notifications on or off.



Can I share app information with my friends on social media?

You can share app information using various services, including Facebook and Twitter.



How do I ask a seller a question about an app?

To ask a seller a question, open Galaxy Store and navigate to your desired app's details page. Swipe to Seller info, and tap VIEW ALL. Here you can see the seller's contact details.