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Galaxy Watch Active 2 on Galaxy Tab 8A

(Topic created: 04-30-2021 07:33 AM)
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Bought my daughter a Galaxy Watch Active 2 for her birthday and trying to get it  connected to her new Samsung Galaxy Tab 8A and the wearable app keeps crashes as soon as I hit connect. The tablet sees the device, they both talk to each other at initial setup but then app crashes. After 2 hours farting around with it, went to the app page and in the About this App it says that it's not compatible with tablets. How can you have an eco system if your own Galaxy Watch is not compatible with your Galaxy Tablet. Now if I return the darn thing i have to pay a $65 restocking fee because she opened it. She had an older Fitbit that I use to use connected to her tablet, thought I was getting her an upgrade. What a disappointment..

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