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Gallery shows pics in duplicate albums

(Topic created on: 5/8/21 10:18 PM)
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I've been frustrated more & more, as I've created new albums to organize my pics.  Every so often [randomly?], I find 2 albums with the same name.  However, upon investigation I find that the pics are all in the same folder [as opposed to "album"].  One of the "album"s shows some of the pics in that folder, while the other "album" [of the same name] shows the others.  I have gone through this [today] with Samsung Tech Support, using a Remote Control app, and he was as mystified as I.  I just updated the Gallery app to version today [before calling tech support], but it didn't help.  I've cleared both cache & data for the app, and even performed a "Wipe Cache Partition" [at the request of one Tech Support person], to no avail.  They suggested I post my problem here.
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