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Getting billed twice for Samsung Care

(Topic created: 06-09-2021 02:33 PM)
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A few months ago I financed a phone through Samsung and opted for the Samsung Care program. Samsung bills my credit card directly for the care subscription monthly and I just realized that TD bank is also billing for the same thing, on top of my phone finance charge.

I am hoping this was just a mistake and it can easily be corrected. Has anyone else run into this? and if so, please do let me know what you did to get it resolved.

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Samsung Apps and Services
Someone else on here had a similar complaint With TD bank. but I think it was ironed out but the member felt TD treated him rudely but he called the bank and it was straightened out. I think he was getting double billed but they took care of it. But they were cold like most bean counters. He's satisfied now.