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Google Pay Functionality Missing after Factory Reset

(Topic created on: 3/23/21 4:09 AM)
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After yesterday's glitches I was foolish enough to do a complete factory reset of my Samsung Galaxy J600FN/DS phone instead of just waiting it out.

At this point I've set everything up to work as it did prior to the reset. However, a very important feature appears to be missing, namely, the Google Pay functionality, which for Bulgaria is not a separate app but a service usually available under Settings > Google > Account services.

That's where the feature was available before. It allowed for contactless payments and it worked flawlessly. Today, however, I just cannot see any means of getting it back. It's just not there.

I reached out to Google Pay support and they assured me there was "nothing wrong" with my account on there side, as contactless payments are enabled and there are two cards currently listed as usable.

They recommended that I reach out to Samsung support, which in turn, could not provide any useful information as to why the feature would be missing.

Is there any solution to this outside of getting a newer phone where the feature is already built in or waiting for a miracle update?


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