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Group "Reactions" Messages between iPhone and Android

Ok, this has been an issue for a long time (Had it on my old Galaxy S8+ and now on my Note10) and I've seen it on other sites, so I don't know why it's not even on here. I am in several group chats with people who have other Androids and those with iPhones. For some reason, Apple has a "Reactions" feature in group messages and maybe in all messages? Anyway, as a loyal Samsung user, I get INDIVIDUAL MESSAGES each time someone laughs at, likes, etc. ANY message in the chat for EACH person and it sends THE ENTIRE message again with whatever their reaction was in front. This is extremely irritating and there's no way to turn it off. I can't even ACTUALLY mute group chats, because even when muted, they still appear on my Galaxy Watch, along with every single Delivered notification for each person and every Read notification. This is to the point where my watch will buzz almost endlessly with useless notifications and it's not ok. I'd PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE like to see either 1. We get reactions and can just see them instead of getting texts for each one. 2. WE JUST STOP GETTING TEXTS ABOUT REACTIONS - If it's not a compatible feature, why are we even getting them as separate texts?. Or 3. They get the option to be turned off. And for the Watch notifications,  please just turn off whatever it is that sends a separate notification for each delivered and sent. I want these on for work purposes, but I don't need a watch notification for it - i.e. I don't get a phone notification for it, it just shows in the messages app, so why do I get a watch one? Also, for the group muting - since there's also no way to remove yourself from a group chat, and the only solice comes from muting, please make it so that if it's muted, I don't still get watch notifications about it. If it's muted on my Note10, it should stay muted on my watch. Thank you for reading this plea that I wrote while still being interrupted by "Laughed at "Blah, blah, blah" group message notifications. 😭


Re: Group "Reactions" Messages between iPhone and Android

Yeah I wish they would fix that. I have T-mobile and they don't allow it nor Google. however he can use that chat feature with other Andros users as long as they have the chat features on.