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Horrible Texting format

(Topic created: 06-29-2021 05:32 AM)
Samsung Apps and Services
I absolutely hate the texting system in my new phone. 
Recently "upgraded" from an S10e.
Bought this phone along with a samsung smartwatch. I am required to use the sa.sung texting app to pair the 2.
This texting system is so unsophisticated. Why can't I read an entire text without having to open onto a different tab? 
Why is there no archive option?
Why do all the unread messages get pinned to the top? 
Why is it such a pain in the ass to share an image to a recent contact? 
I was using the republic wireless texting app before this one. They are a small, wifi based cellphone provider. Why do they have superior ANYTHING compared to the billion dollar corporation, Samsung? 
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