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How bad is the Samsung health app?

How bad is the Samsung health app? I have the galaxy watch 3 as well. 

Haven't worn the watch in the last 7 days,  battery is dead and it is a 100 miles away. 
Note 20 has apparently no heart rate monitor sensor to measure pulse,  or stress. 
But Samsung health app tells me that there is stress in sight and I should take breathing exercises. 
The only way they could tell is by knowing that their customer service is just terrible and watching my conversations with Samsung via email,  phone calls and Twitter.  Because every time I contact them,  I get a meaningless answer from an unqualified service representative. Yes my blood pressure definitely increases when dealing with Samsung. 
How bad is their stuff really? 

Re: stress insight

I use the Samsung Health app for fun. I participate in the Step Challenges and track my bike rides. I'll use the HR and O2 sensors. They are pretty close as I compare them to the real monitors while I'm at work. I'll use the stress function and do the breathing exercises. Its good to stop breathe and focus. I turned off the reminder to get moving as I'm watching a movie or traveling and it got annoying.