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How can I edit the data for Samsung keyboard?

(Topic created: 11-24-2022 07:38 PM)
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I want to speed it up (i.e., rid the freezes which have been happening a lot).


I cleared the cache. Didn't help.
But I don't want to clear the data, as I'm scared it might remove all the words (as well as my shortcuts) that I'm added (and removed) over the past 2 years.

Ideally, I want to be able to edit the data file, to reduce the size, and also to try and rid all the words that I will never use (e.g., I want to remove all names and place names). help.
But I suspect I might need to root the phone, as I haven't been able to find these data files via my searches.


Using another keyboard app seems to get rid of all or most freezes, but i want to keep using Samsung keyboard for now, as I'm used to it.


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What data. Need yo provide more I fo on what you are trying to do.