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Samsung Apps and Services

Yesterday, I started getting notifications about  logging into my "Samsung Account".  I deleted it, and today I got the same notification.  I deleted it.  I rebooted my Note8 and the same notification reappeared.  I've configured ALL apps to disable notifications except selected one such as "messages" etc, to the level that I can select as a user.  Samsung apps do not care what I select and Samsung keeps sending notifications about "Samsung Account", "Samsung Cloud", "Secure Folder", and the notifications come from apps configured NOT to allow notifications and from different apps.  Also, I could NOT delete the notification about "Samsung Account" and "clear notifications" did not work!  I had to "force stop" all Samsung Apps.  This is frustrating!  None of the solutions identified resolved this issue (they may delay a day's worth of notifications, but the issue resurfaces the next day, even when "force stop"ing the app).  Samsung needs to give the end user control of ALL notifications of ALL Apps to include Samsung Apps.  This is a daily annoyance that requires a user's time and action not to count the disturbance factor from Samsung.  My phone should NOT be a method of disturbing and bombarding me with daily notifications that interrupt my day!!!  This is extremely frustrating.  Samsung: What's the fix? 

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