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I was going to order a Galaxy Chromebook, but due to ongoing issues with, I won't be doing so. I'm posting my experience here at the request of a service representative on social media and because Samsung has lost my business on account of their poor outsourcing decisions.
Let me give you a run down of what happened. First, I hadn't used my account in years, had completely forgotten about it, and created a new account. I wasn't automatically verified, so I contacted Since I had an account under my previous university email, they suspended my account pending additional information. (Apparently, you can't have two accounts.)
So, I sent them the requested information. A couple days later, they claimed I never responded, and closed the ticket.
I went back to and submitted a new ticket, along with my original documentation and the additional information they requested in order change the email on my account. They finally changed my email and verified me... but not for education. Instead, they verified me as a state employee because they apparently didn't look past the header on the documents I submitted (both my graduate school enrollment and teaching schedule).
Fast forward a couple months to just a few days ago. I applied for Samsung Finance and was approved and had the Galaxy Chromebook in my cart. I realized then that my verification wasn't correct and therefore couldn't access the larger education discount. I contacted to correct it and they suspended my account again.
I'll be going with a different Chromebook. uses the outsourcing company Zendesk, which is known for sending automated emails based on keywords in your tickets and emails. Getting to a human is basically impossible.
I'll be avoiding Samsung products for the foreseeable future, and is why. has done nothing but waste my time. They take days to respond and put you in an endless loop where it's impossible to fix anything.
Find a better company.


Well that's not good. Just surfing around and ran across this. I've had a miserable experience the past two days trying to order a Note 20 that's on Black Friday sale and there's a Veteran's discount which knocks 310 bucks off.

I did about six orders last night before finally contacting chat support. Got nowhere with them. Called today. I was a little more satisfied, and I got smoke blown up my butt. Too soon to tell.

Supposedly I'll hear back by the 12th. But since yours is dated 9/23. I'm calling again tomorrow. I think I can come back to reality and know nothing is goign to happen.

I am calling tomorrow just to raise a little noise. The discount ends tomorrow we'll see what happens.