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Ice maker drops ice on floor when I open the freezer

On April 18th  I made the complaint listed below and I am still having issues even though my complaint was marked "solved"   



we recently bought a samsung FR261BEAESR Regrigerator.  The freezer is located on the bottom in the form of a drawer.  WHen you open the drawer you hear the ice being scraped from the top of the ice compartment and pushed out the back side of the drawer; then you hear the ice drop and fall to the bottom of the refrigerator under the drawer.  You can not get to ice because the drawer is not easily removed.  You can see the ice build up and evently being pushed out because the ice eventually is being pushed by other ice.  Imagine the coin game where you drop a penny in and hope it pushes other coins out of the machice.  When we open the freezer sometimes the ice that falls pushes the ice that has previously fallen out onto my kitchen floor approximately one inch under my frig.  Please help me with a solution.  I can send a video if that would help you visualize what is happening.ice3.jpgice2.jpgice1.jpg