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Is it possible to delete contacts from the Samsung Cloud?

(Topic created: 05-25-2021 03:01 PM)
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Is it possible to delete contacts from the Samsung Cloud? I had to deal with this issue recently. I love the idea of contacts syncing from my phone to my tablet seamlessly, but anytime I do, it syncs any contact I have saved since I opened my Samsung account. 

I contacted Samsung and we went through EVERYTHING on the mobile app, and even on the website, and eventually came to the consensus that no, it's not possible to delete contacts from the Cloud. I went to check out of curiosity, and the same is still true. This makes the feature utterly useless. I only ever need less than 100 contacts in my phone at a time. How is it helpful to be bombarded with 400+ contacts and have to sift through the useless ones on a daily basis? Especially when some of those contacts are from old employments, dead people and ex-partners? 

This needs addressed ASAP. I know Samsung Cloud is in a bit of a gray area right now (favoring integration with OneDrive), but as it stands, OneDrive does not sync contacts and I'm sick of dealing with this.
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