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Is it true that Smart Switch can permanently drain phone's battery faster in some cases?

(Topic created: 05-18-2022 03:22 PM)
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I'm not that satisfied from my Galaxy S20 Ultra battery, honestly. I tend to lose 7-8% of charge overnight, with the phone having only Wi-Fi active and no notification-heavy app at all (I didn't even make the switch to my instant messaging app yet, which is still on my previous phone).

While looking online I read on this site and elsewhere that some people have tried to factory reset their phones without using Smart Switch during the first boot and the issue was solved. I personally used it and heavily, by picking each and every option the app let me select from my previous phone, hence why I might be an extreme case.

Is there any truth to something like this? It's not like I don't trust other users' valuable experiences, but it seems a little bit farfetched. If some of you could confirm it then I might convince myself of factory resetting and start over again.

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I lose like 6-7% overnight on my S21 Ultra and it's stayed consistent every night
Which is like less then 1% of battery per hour I sleep