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Maximum heart rate

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This is a question about running and maximum heart rates.

The Samsung health app has heart rate zones.

For the maximum zone it says:

"There's a high risk of injury, so stay away from this zone unless you are a competitive athlete."


Two questions:

What sort of "injury" does it have in mind? About 50% of the minutes I run currently tend to be in the "maximum" zone. Somethings not right.

If it is actually a calibration problem, how do I change the maximum heart rate? Do I have to "change my age" to get it to reflect my actual  experience?


Thanks for any wisdom.

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@user8o5RD9aTCJ I'm sure that it is based on the traditional formula (220-age). https://www.cdc.gov/physicalactivity/basics/measuring/heartrate.htm

This is simply a very broad guideline since everyone is different. 

When I run, my heart rate exceeds this value. I discussed it with my doctor and he saw no issues based on my health condition. I look at the heart rate reported by my watch and other devices but temper my reaction based on what I know about my health. Personally I don't worry about "the zones" as they vary for everyone.  

I suggest that you talk to your doctor and discuss what range is best for you.