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Messages App Badges


I have a Galaxy S8 Active and had been using the Google messaging app until switching providers recently. I have been trying the Samsung Messages app (v. the past week and like it much better. However there is one feature I would like to turn off. I'm not sure what it is called exactly but when I receive a new message, a "badge" or icon for the contact that is sending me the message, pops-up on my screen and stays there until I tap it or read the message. The icon is either the picture of my contact if I have one assigned, or just the first initial of the contact name. I can move this icon around and out of the way if I happen to be in another app when it appears. But I would like to turn off that aspect of the notifications. I have scoured all the settings for the app and for the phone but it seems that I can't disable that badge pop-up without turning off all notifications. Please let me know what I am missing.