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Messaging app group texting

(Topic created: 05-20-2022 05:25 AM)
Samsung Apps and Services

Instead of having one main all or nothing switch when it comes to group or mass broadcast texting, Where you have to go to the settings everytime you switch back and forth, have a switch appear at the top of the message when you add more than one recipient so you can choose right there. Verizon's messages+ app has this feature and it's much appreciated. As of now with the Samsung messages app, you must back out of the message, dig into settings, change it, and go back to your message. It's inconvenient. And it's likely that you will forget when in a hurry . Nothing more aggravating than getting 30 response texts in 5 minutes from a large group text as a recipient when only the creator needed to hear the response. I hope this suggestion is well received.

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