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Missing Emojis

(Topic created on: 5/3/21 1:26 PM)
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Why have the Emojis Option 'Happy Face Button' and all the Emojis' been removed from the S9' Galaxy, when they were all previously there?

There is all kinds of Outdated Information' Online', of which none I've tried even closely resemble the info. available on my S9'.. Who's in charge of deleting all that, waste of time?

This is such an Annoying Occurrence'.. as many of you I'm sure, like myself, enjoy using the Emojis' as a bit of a Sign Language' vs a bunch of Written Words in txt., which takes twice as Long, which adds to the Frustration' , as not all of us even Like Texting'.. tho it certainly is Handy'.. alot of us would rather Talk' on the Phone'.. So'.. anything that limits texting and or Minimizes trying to txt. w/ Size 13 Thumbs'.. is a Great Thing'.. as the Emojis are'.. (were) as delivered..

The suggestion to Download' someone elses, 3rd. Party App', that comes with 15pages of 'Legalese & Terms of Service'.. simply adds to the aggravation

Kindly put them back where they came from on the next Update' and make the Little Sticker Face'.. (and all his Friends', for the 12 and Under Set', a Deletable Option) ..



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