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Missing messages app and email app on Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm

(Topic created on: 3/2/21 9:56 AM)
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Recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm and added the Galaxy Wearable app to my Motorola X4 phone.  Had no problems setting everything up and pairing the devices.  My only issue is that there is clearly a messages app and email app for the watch.  My friend has the watch and he has them.  However, I do not.  They're not loaded on the watch and cannot be found in the Galaxy store or in the Wearable app.  They are not hidden, they are simply not there.  I even asked Bixby to open messages or email and am told "I couldn't find that app".

I receive email and messages notifications on the watch, but beyond reading them as soon as I get the notification, I cannot access them on the watch afterwards because there is no app.  Is this normal?

Any idea why I can't find or add them?

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