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More Ecosystem Features

(Topic created: 07-23-2022 06:31 PM)
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Hey Samsung,

Considering that you offer the capability of connecting your phones to your tablets, as well as PCs, I have another idea for you. What if you made it possible to use your smartphone as a controller for the tablet when playing video games? You could allow S Series, Z Series (including the Flip), and hopefully high number A Series smartphones, to have the same or similar controller touch pad UI like Xbox Game Pass has for Cloud gaming. Now I know people will say in the comments, "...or you could just use a bluetooth controller 🤨." But what're people to do if they forgot to pack a controller with their smartphone and tablet? Or what if the controller's batteries are dead and they didn't bring a battery bank? The great thing about Samsung devices is that they give you so many options. Why not provide one more feature (since you seem to regularly remove them as much as you add them 😒)?
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