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More features are being removed by Samsung from my NX1 camera

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Cosmic Ray
Samsung Apps and Services

I tried to send photos from my NX1 camera using the inbuilt email feature. It is great and allows to select between a reduced resolution or the real thing. Anyway, after connecting to WiFi, instead of showing the email section, the camera attempts to open a website http://samsungimaging.com/ .
This used to be such a great camera, but Samsung stopped supporting it. No more lenses (despite Samyang makes great manual lenses for this camera), an awesome 300mm lens never reached the market, and the Camera Manager App only works on android (is enough old version). This is not like changing a washing machine. A camera system means many $ in expensive lenses etc.
This camera used to have all sort of connection features and the best Wifi remote tethering capabilities of the industry. But lately I see most of these awesome features going down. Samsung seems to keep removing the related services from their serves in absolute disrespect to their loyal customers.
If not willing to keep up with the job, Samsung should have at minimum opened the SPK package of the firmware to its community. Where we could have got this camera up to date and pushed it forward where it belongs.

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