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Moving Secure Files storage location

(Topic created: 04-04-2024 01:45 PM)
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I can tell that when I have moved files to my SD card and then moved them to a secure folder they are still on that card and not in my internal memory. The storage space occupied remains the same even though it says there are no files. 

Moving files to secure folder on SD card

Would I be able to recover those files if the SD card was moved to a new or replacement device? I ask because I just replaced my z-fold phone. Smart Switch handled it very well and prompted me to enter my secure folder passcode when upgrading. It wouldn't be an issue with the z-fold since there is no SD card, but on my S9 tablet there is. 
If anyone can point me to a relevant article on Samsung's website and how the secure storage is treated it would be greatly appreciated.
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