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My opinion of Samsung in general

I have owned Samsung products since June of 2015. That started with the Samsung Galaxy On5 smartphone.

The Samsung products I have owned include Samsung Galaxy On5, Samsung Galaxy S8, and a Samsung Smart TV.

All 3 of these products have shown remarkable quality. The Samsung Galaxy On5, although showing wear in its processing speed, is still able to run even after 2 years of use; that is twice as long as the LG Optimus L90 I had, which won't even boot up when it was used for only one year.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 I own is still going strong, even after 1 year and 4 months.

The Samsung Smart TV I have was handed down to me through a yardsale website, and based on the sticker, it was manufactered in September, 2014. It's definitely still going strong, with continuous quality imagery and minimal issues with the smart TV features.

Samsung Health is an amazing tool that is easier to use than even FitBit, and is accurate enough even without a fitness tracking band that it has helped me lose 5.2 pounds in a month and a half.

These 3 products alone have proven to me that Samsung is quality at both software development and hardware. Good job, Samsung!

Cosmic Ray

Re: My opinion of Samsung in general

As far as their products and quality go, I agree! Unfortunately their Customer Service and policies need some MAJOR updates. Smiley Sad But products overall...💯💯