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Nagging popup to sync contacts

(Topic created: 12-06-2022 01:21 PM)
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Please help - EVERY time I open my contacts, I have a nagging pop-up that prompts to turn on Auto-sync for Messenger contacts.  I DON'T want to do this.  How do I stop this nagging pop-up message?

Note 9, also affects others like S9.

Exact same question is asked in this thread "Nag popup to sync contacts with messenger" in this forum, but it is INCORRECTLY marked as answered.  The "answer" tells where to turn on auto-sync for messenger.  But not what to do if the user doesn't want to auto-sync, to get rid of the annoying pop-up msg.



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Black Hole
Samsung Apps and Services
I believe you have some type of malware. I would suggest downloading Malwarebytes and run that to see if it can find it. If not, boot in safe mode and see if it still happens. If it doesn't, then you know for sure that it's malware.