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Neat shapes option has disappeared.

(Topic created: 06-19-2022 11:48 AM)
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I use the Samsung Notes app on a tab S6 Lite. Around two days ago I opened the app and found the 'neat shapes' option had just disappeared. This was 5 days just days before the latest system update. I tried searching in the notes settings under the toolbar option but I couldn't find neat shapes there as well. I searched on the Samsung app store for any updates but the app is running on the latest version. Please help. I use the tool on a daily basis and now it's causing inconvenience.

Edit: I know that there is already an alternative way to draw shapes by holding the pen down however I do not like that method as I'm not able to draw irregular shapes with straight borders using that. (I know I am being too particular but it is what it is.) Also, I am not able to make arrowheads with this method as I was able to in neat shapes (you just had to draw an arrow and it was automatically transformed to a solid arrow), thirdly I am not able to rotate the shapes made by using this method something which I was able to do with neat shapes, so you see the two are entirely different and I prefer neat shapes over this holding down method. 

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It's now done by holding down, when you draw a triangle let's say (or any other shape) hold down with the pen on the screen. It'll automatically make the neat shape