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New Phone and App Idea

(Topic created: 07-07-2021 03:37 PM)
Samsung Apps and Services

I have an idea for a new phone with a Kirlian camera in it.

Here’s the app that goes with it:

App: keeps track of the drugs, food, light/colors in your body based off of Erowid data; keeps data anonymous. Would be great if you could browse the web and use YouTube within the app so there’s always a banner reminding you of your stats. Can also be used in augmented reality to visualize music. Can play, sing with it. Can use synesthetic colors and change the filters. Can make new phones/smartwatches/sunglasses with Kirlian cameras in them. Consent needed for Kirlian? Legal basis? Can use regular cameras compression patterns to detect aura fluctuations, patterns. Can take blood pressure and alert 911 if it drops too low. Can send drug information if consented to paramedics.

  • Different factions and role models chosen for each faction by the people in charge: Top Republican, Top Jew, Top in Safety, Top in Looks, Top in Intelligence, etc. Adjectives, styles, personality traits used. All possible metrics measured by AI. Everyone’s being watched 24/7. In the base there are cameras everywhere and personalities are often discussed by the higher-ups. Those chosen for main characters are Top Overall in their ethnic category (for purposes of eliminating ethnic bias in the AI and, knowing that you’re comparing things that can’t be compared, Latinx, Asian, Native American, and Middle-Eastern are put into the same category here). Top White Male/Female, Top Black Male/Female, Top (medium-toned or mixed) Male/Female. Unknown how many are in each base total and how many bases there are.
  • Themes of staying out of trouble and fitting in/not being made fun of seen in self-betterment; worst traits listed as well, and everyone gets feedback on the things they do through the app. Physical, emotional, intelligence-wise, even spiritually if you choose. Rap battles consist of finding ways to make fun of them, poke holes in their logic, so self-betterment part of fitting in, “being all that you can be”
  • People can comment on other people’s stats. Awarded at interrupted final ball.

The app was originally part of a screenplay I was working on, but I’d love to see this idea come to life!

Also sent to Apple.

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