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Night Shift issues with Galaxy Fit and Samsung Health

I work graveyard shifts and I've noticed that unless I manually open and sync in the Samsung Health app, data that was listed on my Galaxy Fit is lost.  Example: At 11:30pm, I notice I've hit and exceeded my step goal for Friday on my watch.  At 2:00am on Saturday, I look at Samsung Health and initially when I open the app, there's no data for Sat but when I sync, Saturday shows up fine.  I look at trend history though and find that nothing after say 9pm Friday fed from the watch to Samsung Health.

I'm used to a fitbit (I know, I'm sorry!). I realize data wont show in Samsung Health app without a sync but is prior day data really lost because I didn't sync it before midnight? This seems crazy.

I have reviewed all known settings.  Sync is clearly working but even though it's set for automatic sync, it seems to only run manually for the Health app.  I also have it set to sync on WiFi OR data because I commonly have no data service at my place of employment but always have WiFi.

Looking for any help in finding settings to address this issue so prior day steps and activity are not lost.