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Note 8 Cloud sync not recognizing network

I have 15gb of 15gb used. I want to access my photos and videos in order to delete content. I cannot access my gallery from the website ( and my phone keeps reporting that there is no network connection. I am able to randomly hit the button get a connection and then have some photos load. There is no functionality afterward, and note 8 keeps reporting that I have "turn on WiFi data is off." Or "mobile data is off turn on WiFi." Both are on! Fine the phone is having connection issues, I cleared data and cache. But why does the cloud webpage not load the photos?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Note 8 Cloud sync not recognizing network

Thank you for reaching out. After further research, there is announcement across the top of the Samsung cloud website. The announcement states Samsung Cloud web is limited right now. Please click on learn more. Give this a try: go to settings > accounts and back ups > Samsung Cloud > tap on gallery > tap on sync > tap on sync now > then go back one page on gallery > tap on the arrow next to recently added, and you can view all of your pictures.

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