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Old Samsung notes and a random message

(Topic created: 11-02-2021 09:31 PM)
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I'm on a note 10+

I updated my Notes app a long time ago and it had me "convert old notes".

Only issue is it didn't convert all of them... Put of 300 it left 203 to sit in limbo... Inaccessible and unconverted. 

If I go into setting and click "convert old notes".. It just says "convert '0' notes"

If I tap on "old notes" it only has 1 option "delete already converted notes"...

How do I get my notes converted and accessible again?? 

A bonus issue I'm getting... Is I randomly get a message telling me someone on another device has changed one or more of my notes and if I want to revert to what I have, keep both or update from what "they have".... Only thing is.... I don't have any other Samsung phones... So what is going on?? Am I being hacked? 
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