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One UI

Please fix the problem in One UI where Picture in Picture mode glitches when touched or even randomly at times. I've had this problem ever since the first version of One UI and although in general,  I love the interface, this is one of the few things that is not done very well. The PIP mode glitches/resizes randomly when clicked and sometimes the play pause and skip buttons completely stop working if I don't press anything on the PIP for a few minutes. I think it might be a framework problem but its just a guess. Anyway, it's really annoying and makes the os look unpolished. Also, please add  curves to each corner of the PIP window as it looks wrong to have the slightly rounded edges in One UI but completely ignore adding them for the PIP window especially since pop up view has them. It's inconsistent. Lastly, Please move the volume menu to the side of the phone by default. I shouldn't have to download Goodluck just to do this, it should already be there by default since it's much easier to reach.