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Order cannot be processed

(Topic created on: 3/4/21 10:40 PM)
Samsung Apps and Services
So I got the financing set up and approved and tried to place an order. I get an error saying the order cannot be processed. I try the usual fixes (clearing browsing data, relogging) and same problem. I get ahold of someone on the chat, who tells me to repeat what I did. 

Eventually I get connected with someone in the sales/billing support team. They tell me they're referring my problem to a web technician. 

I've seen a couple other (old) threads of people having the same issue, and all of them were marked as 'solved' because some useless mod says they should contact sales and that is the solution. My question here is has anyone went through this and actually got a solution? The website/order/support process has been so garbage up until this point, and if I'm going to just be screwed around with for weeks on end I'd rather just (begrudgingly) make the Apple jump.
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