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Personal credit card information cannot be deleted.

(Topic created on: 1/14/21 9:17 PM)
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Hi All,


I've been going back and forth with support for months. Basically, I want the stored credit card information associated with my account in the Shop Samsung app and at Samsung.com to be deleted. I find it frustrating that I cannot manage my payment information the same way you'd be able to do with just about any other online store. Only thing I can do is add a new car or change a billing address.


Support suggests it isn't possible to do this, and they continue to suggest that I add something to my cart, then get to the payment section and either add a new card or change my address there. They seem to be missing the point that I want the stored information on the site to be deleted, and I want to be able to do this by myself if at all possible.


Anyone know how to get the credit card information removed?

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