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Planned OneUI integration with Google Messages?

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I'm aware that Samsung Messages obviously has good integration with OneUI - particularly the fact that you can use the global search (that is, the search bar at the top of the app launcher or recent apps list) to find messages and chats. I'm aware too that recently the Google Play Store was one of the newer options for apps that can be searched within the global search bar.

Since the general consensus seems to be that the Samsung messaging app is gradually being sunset in favor of Google's messaging app, are there any proposed plans to further the OneUI integration with that app? Especially considering that it's the de-facto new default messaging app. Are there plans to integrate Google messages with OneUI search? It would also be nice too if they could adapt other portions of the OneUI design such as the true black dark theme and the use of system fonts (the SamsungOne font is particularly nice IMO). They've already halfway done it with the default "split" view with the giant "G Messages" logo.

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