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Poor Service Assistance with Financing

(Topic created on: 4/18/21 6:15 PM)
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I am so frustrated in dealing with this matter no rep can assist me and the IT department keeps saying uses another card and give them 3 days. What is the point in having Samsung Financing to make a purchase when even if you have the credit available and open for use it won't allow you to make a purchase. When they encourage you to shop and but more product then turn around and won't accept even their own financing ridiculous. Trying to purchase the new S21 and nothing. 

Cannot buy Samsung if you cannot figure out your site issues and nothing gets resolved just one angry and frustrated customer.  Its like shop but ha, ha you can't even if you have an available credit.  They should do better and be better. Especially when it comes to helping their customers no use never get any where with them and nothing gets resolved. 


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